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ProVault leads the way in the data risk management market providing a hybrid backup solution for clients requiring an offsite solution with the added benefits of an office retained copy. Clients onsite copy is fully encrypted providing essential security of data if removed from the office environment

Backups are fully automated, encrypted and cover a wide range of operating platforms and backup of most common databases;

Your data backup strategy includes..
  • My Account
    • Fully automated using our set and forget feature
    • Incremental backups collect new and changed files
    • Fully customisable backup schedule
  • My Restore
    • Files can be instantly restored from an earlier version
    • Limit file restore to a particular person or office
    • Backup / Restore files in seconds
    • Secure web portal allows access to your files from any computer anywhere in the world.
    • Customisable file version policy for deleted files
  • My Security
    • Military encryption scrambles your data for total protection. Compliant with Privacy Act
    • Use SSL for transporting data.
    • Data backed up to our world class data centre’s
    • 24/7 monitored system
  • My Reports
    • Reports emailed daily detailing files backed up, deleted, moved or altered
  • My Solution
    • Backup leading software & CRMs
    • File Backup
    • Backup email accounts
    • Software installation and file source location support.
    • Encrypted onsite copy Hybrid system only