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Technical Details

Run on all common Operating Platforms


Fully Automatic

Continues Data Protection for selected files / folders
Flexible backup shchedule

- Dialy
- Weekly
- Monthly
- Yearly
- Multiply Schedules

Automatic restart missed backup job
Automatic close to real time replication

Backup Common Operating System, Virtual Machines, Database Application and Files

Windows System Image Bare Metal Backup

Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express
Microsoft Exhange Server
Microsoft Exchange Server at mail level
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Hyper-V Cluster
Storage craft
VMware ESX / ESXi (paid & free) / Server / Workstation / Fusion / Player
Oracle Database
Lotus Domino / Notes
Files Opened in Windows
Common Files

Secure Offsite Protection

Backup account protected by login name and password

Top of the class encrytion

256-bit encryption
Encryption Key definable by user
AES algorithm
TwoFish algorithm
Triple DES algorithm
128-bit SSL Channel support

Realiable and Fast Restoration

Multi-threading restoration

Optimized for High Speed Backup Connection

Multi-treading backup

- In-File Delta block level incremental / differential backup

Easy to Use, Manage

Seed-load utility for copying large data onto backup server

Command line tool

Flexible retention policy

Simple (by day)

Advanced by week, month, quarter, year, backup job or user defined policies

Multiple backup sets

Logout reminder

Off-line backup reminder

Filter files by extensions

Filter files / folers by any users defined patterns

Keep a local copy of the backup data