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ProVault ensures that users and system administrators are kept up to date through our comprehensive reporting structure.

  • Be informed and keep up to date with all work processes while away from the office.
  • Highlights files that may have been accidently deleted or moved.
  • Daily reports allow your organisation to identify security breaches or malicious damage before it’s too late.
Daily Backup Report

At the completion of each backup a daily backup report is emailed. This report contains a full list of all files created, altered, moved or deleted.

Setting Change Report

Upon updating your user profile or backup setting, a setting change report is issued. This report allows administrators to track and record changes made to the backup account.

Restore Report

Upon restore of a single file or entire system, a report is emailed to the administrator. It contains a list files restored along with their restore location.

Storage Statistics

Clients can review the amount of data stored and uploaded on the backup server at any time.