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Pricing - Accounting

Accounting practice – 1 to six employees.

You’re an accounting practice with less than seven employees, your business resides either on one central server or several standalone computers. You’re using accounting management software such as HandiSoft, have e mail traffic that is active all day, along with documents and archived files. You’re looking for a solution that ensures your accounting management software, e mails and other important data is backed up correctly to manufacturers specifications daily and in the event of loss can be accessed immediately.

Investment $98.00 a month.

Accounting practice – 7 to 12 employees.

You’re a busy practice with seven to twelve employees working from one or two central servers, these servers house all business sensitive data, your accounting management software, e mails and other critical data that equates to 100’s of Gigs and 100,000 plus files. You’re looking for a system that eliminates responsibility on staff to accurately back up company data and secondly house the company data away from the premises, in turn eliminating the potential for failed backups and data leakage while ensuring all data is available immediately in case of a data blackout.

Investment $179.00 a month.

Accounting Practice – 12 to 30 employees.

Employing 12 to 30 people your firm is highly active with accounting management software holding several hundred gig or more, a robust e mail system and other related business data. Different backup systems have been used from tapes to drives, your now looking for a guaranteed solution that ensures downtime is minimal, data restoration is guaranteed and importantly you can sleep at night. ProVault gives you peace of mind knowing the entire business is safe, replicated daily in a data centre with experts at the ready to ensure when you lose data we act immediately to start the restore process.

Investment $390.00 a month.